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ACC and Pac-12 in a partnership? Again?

Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Sure, the “Alliance” between the ACC, Big Ten, and Pac-12 didn’t work out—but that’s only because it had no specific stated goals, there were no contracts involved, and because it was completely half-assed.

You know what, forget I brought it up. We aren’t doing alliances anymore. Nobody does alliances anymore. Now we’ve got “loose partnerships.” They’re much better. Totally different thing.

The ACC and Pac-12 are currently considering such a partnership, as Oregon radio host and journalist John Canzano reported yesterday. It’s not a merger but could potentially lead to the establishment of an ACC vs. Pac-12 title game in Las Vegas.

I suppose a concrete partnership could improve the stability of both leagues, at least relative to their current situations, but it does require the current Pac-12 to hold together. That might not be realistic given that the Big 12 has been pondering an attempt at adding four or six of those schools.

What’s not clear, anyway, is how any potential agreement between the ACC and Pac-12 would create more value from a television standpoint. We’ll probably never find out, if I had to guess.