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Jim Phillips kicks off ACC football media days

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Phillips spoke at length Tuesday morning to open 2023 ACC football media days, offering the usual “state of the union” (spoiler: the state of the union is strong!) we’ve come to expect from the league’s commissioner.

While he talked for a long time, he didn’t actually say a whole lot—certainly nothing that could be considered breaking news. Among the topics were NIL (Unionbuster McGee here is adamant that athletes are not employees, unsurprisingly), the league’s rather tumultuous offseason, officiating, and of course, television revenue.

Phillips says he has a weekly meeting with ACC school officials on his calendar, and everyone is the best of friends now. Florida State and Clemson’s leadership is no longer disgruntled, but now merely gruntled. That’s a relief.

As he ended his speech, he headed off any questions about the Northwestern hazing scandal:

Before I close, and unrelated to the ACC, I do want to briefly address the ongoing matter at Northwestern, as I’m sure some of you have questions. As you are aware, I released a statement last week. This is a very difficult time for the Northwestern community, and my heart goes out to any person who carries the burden of mistreatment or who has been harmed in any way.

During my 30-year career in college athletics, my highest priority has always been the health and safety of all student-athletes. As you know, with this matter in litigation, I’m unable to share anything more at this time.

Phillips has been named a defendant in multiple lawsuits brought against Northwestern in the wake of the scandal.

If you’d like to skim Phillips’ remarks from ACC Kickoff, a transcript is available here.