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ACC votes to add Cal, Stanford, and SMU in 2024

Stanford v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Well, like it or not, ACC expansion is in fact moving forward after a vote Friday morning by ACC presidents and chancellors. Cal, Stanford, and SMU will be joining the league in 2024. This concludes a lengthy saga kicked off by the disintegration of the Pac-12 a month ago.

Prior to Friday, there were not enough yes votes on expansion from ACC members, with FSU, Clemson, UNC, and NC State holding out. NC State was the one to flip its vote from no to yes and clear the way for these additions, per Pete Thamel.

Which, fine, whatever. I’m kind of past caring one way or the other on this thing. Cal and Stanford will enter earning just 30% of a full pay-out, while SMU is not going to receive a penny from the ACC for its first nine years in the conference. So there will be a few million bucks annually that will go to the ACC’s current membership thanks to this deal.

Is that worth the scheduling nightmares to come? Apparently so!