Former Wolfpack guard Ashley Williams returns to NC State as an assistant coach


Williams had been at Indiana since graduating from State in 2017.

Jimmy V Gets Himself a Biopic


As I saw posted on another site, Deadline has announced a film starring and produced by Ray Romano in conjunction with the Valvano family about Vs life up to and through 83 till his tragic death. Loving film, and biopics, I am excited to see these worlds collide…I am concerned that Romano is already 64 and that the production sounds to be very "indie" but hey these are the types that, when good, receive award show buzz and could broaden exposure to a story we know so near and dear to us Now where is my Spotlight-esque UNC-CH scandal movie!?!!

Joe Dunand homers in his Major League debut with Marlins


His first at-bat in the show and he wastes no time.

Manny Bates is headed to Butler


Losing Manny Bates was rough, but at least he left for a school I neither like nor dislike, and that NC State doesn't have to play. [insert Alonzo Mourning gif here]

Seattle Storm cuts Elissa Cunane, Raina Perez


Admittedly I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of the WNBA, but what exactly is the point of even having a draft if you're just going to cut a pick three weeks later, after two preseason games?

Dave Doeren talks Ickey and the 2022 Pack on ESPN


Shoulda asked Dave how he's doing at the tables so far.

Sam Highfill out for remainder of 2022 season


Not the most surprising news, but it hurts nonetheless. Sure hope it's not a major arm injury.

NCAA president Mark Emmert stepping down


One thing we can say for sure about his NCAA tenure: it certainly was a tenure that happened. Tough break for him, though. Not always easy to find these high paying jobs where you don't have to do anything.

UNC joins 356 other teams in failure


"We made a deep tournament run," they'll say. "We played for the national championship," they'll say. See, we figured out how to not win a national title like four months ago. Now who's the sucker.