Wrestling beats Heels for 11th straight time


The dominance continues.

College Football Playoff Expands To 12 Teams


There are about a thousand hot-blooded arguments on both sides on the coming College Football Playoff expansion, from critiques on the number of teams to the idea of Georgia curb stomping Liberty 65-0 in the first round. As tempers flare one thing remains constant - change is coming and it will be here sooner than you think.

AI Picks

Baby T makes NBA debut, cans a couple threes


We love to see it

Biomechanics of Free Throws


Was reading this article on my second favorite website (they mostly feature tech/science articles), and was thrilled to see my favorite Mechanical Engineering professor, Larry Silverberg, cited in the article.

Delbert Mimms hits the portal


This was the first year Delbert got meaningful touches and he really excelled in the short-yardage-bruiser role. Wish him the best wherever he ends up for his last season; he'll definitely help somebody.

Lions QB Jared Goff 'very confused' following penalty on decisive two-point play vs. Cowboys


On a two-point attempt, down 20-19 with 27 seconds left, the Lions dialed up a play-action pass to offensive tackle Taylor Decker, who sneaked off the end of the line unnoticed to the backside of the end zone for an apparent go-ahead catch before the referees penalized him for illegal touching -- a call that would prove the doom of Detroit after two more failed attempts and an unsuccessful onside kick sealed the loss. "We get down there, get the touchdown and get the two-point conversion and yeah, it sucks," Jared Goff told reporters, per the team transcript. "It's unfortunate man. I don't know if I've had this feeling before where you feel like you won but you didn't."

Skip to Article Set weather mlive’s LogoMichigan Subscribe Sign in LIONS Just admit it: The refs kicked the call against Detroit, changed playoff landscape


ARLINGTON, Texas -- I was in the umpires’ room with Jim Joyce all those years ago. The man had just made one of the most infamous calls in the history of sports, calling safe what should have been the 27th out of Armando Galarraga’s imperfect game for the Detroit Tigers. And in Joyce’s defense, he knew it too. He said as much as paced around that cramped, windowless room, copping to the ignominious moment that would come to define a decades-long career. "This isn’t just a call, this is a history call, and I kicked the (crap) out of it," Joyce said that night. "And there’s nobody that feels worse than I do. I take pride in this job, and I kicked the (crap) out of that (call)."

Schefter: Brad Allen's Referee Crew Expected to Get Downgraded for 2024 NFL Playoffs

+ Logo HOME > NFL Schefter: Brad Allen's Referee Crew Expected to Get Downgraded for 2024 NFL Playoffs SCOTT Logo DECEMBER 31, 2023 PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 22: Referee Brad Allen (122) looks on during the game between the Miami Dolphins and the Philadelphia Eagles on October 22, 2023 at Lincoln Financial Field. (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Official Brad Allen's referee crew was a major storyline in yet another primetime NFL game this season when the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Detroit Lions, and it could cost them a chance in the playoffs. ESPN's Adam Schefter explained on Sunday that the league uses mixed crews for the playoffs and will grade Allen's group accordingly after Saturday. "A large part of Brad Allen's crew is not going to be officiating in the postseason," he said. "They're going to get downgraded, and the chances are that many of them are not going to be involved in the postseason."

The Pop-Tarts Bowl trophy is quite something


It would REALLY be something if that football were a fully functional toaster.

Duke hired Manny Diaz for some reason


This is double good news, as Duke hired Manny Diaz, who is Manny Diaz, and therefore not Tony Gibson.