Louisville/State women's hoops showdown will air on ESPN


You love to see it.

Garrett Bradbury makes the head's up play of the week


Now that's never giving up on a play right there.

Thayer Thomas will be back, too


Devin Leary will be able to count on one of his favorite targets for another year.

Cat Barber signs 10-day deal with Hawks


Hate the circumstances but it's nice to see the Cat Daddy finally get a cup of coffee. Cat played a couple of minutes against the Knicks on Christmas, finishing with an assist.

Will Richardson gets a fat guy touchdown for Christmas


You see a lot of stories this time of year about the gifts quarterbacks get for their offensive linemen, but rarely will you see "a memory that lasts a lifetime" among said gifts. So kudos to Trevor Lawrence for thinking outside of the box by fumbling right at the goalline, thereby allowing Will Richardson to jump on it and score a TD in the process.

Drake Thomas tries putting a scare into everybody


Not cool, bro. (But congrats on the endorsement deal.)

Zonovan Knight gives timeline for potential return


N.C. State's sophomore running back Zonovan Knight told the USA Today Network on Wednesday that he hopes to announce his future plans before the Dec. 28 Holiday Bowl against UCLA.

Clemson keeps it all in the family


We know Dabo doesn’t like the transfer portal and now we know he doesn’t like to make external hires for OC or DC. Despite being the type of program that could choose a top coordinator from anywhere, Dabo promoted from within. On one hand that should help with the transition and continuity, on the other hand none of them have any experience at OC or DC at this level. Dabo even went the co-DC route to try and replace Venebles. But hey, I don’t recall that kind of move ever going wrong…nope, not at all.

Alim McNeill gets his first NFL sack


Congrats, young fella!

UVA head coach Bronco Mendenhall resigns


This one is a bit of a shocker since he wasn't on the hot seat. Sounds like he's just burned out.