Seattle Storm cuts Elissa Cunane, Raina Perez


Admittedly I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of the WNBA, but what exactly is the point of even having a draft if you're just going to cut a pick three weeks later, after two preseason games?

Dave Doeren talks Ickey and the 2022 Pack on ESPN


Shoulda asked Dave how he's doing at the tables so far.

Sam Highfill out for remainder of 2022 season


Not the most surprising news, but it hurts nonetheless. Sure hope it's not a major arm injury.

NCAA president Mark Emmert stepping down


One thing we can say for sure about his NCAA tenure: it certainly was a tenure that happened. Tough break for him, though. Not always easy to find these high paying jobs where you don't have to do anything.

UNC joins 356 other teams in failure


"We made a deep tournament run," they'll say. "We played for the national championship," they'll say. See, we figured out how to not win a national title like four months ago. Now who's the sucker.

Pack's Sweet Sixteen game set for 11:30 a.m. on Saturday


Mmm ... NCAA tournament brunchsketball.

5-star guard Robert Dillingham decommits from NC State


That pendulum sure swung quickly from "he's re-classing to 2022 to help immediately" to "he's not going to play here." Just makes Kevin Keatts' task that much more difficult.

Former NC State OL Joe Sculthorpe Signs with WWE


The unique world of pro-wrestling and its flag bearer, the WWE have never been short on star college athletes eventually becoming superstars and champions. This is especially true of former athletes from ACC institutions like Roman Reigns (Joe Anoai) at Georgia Tech, Ron Simmons at Florida State, Dwayne Johnson at The U, and, one of our own, Charlotte Flair. Well along with current performer Julius Creed (Jacob Kasper), an ACC champion wrestler from Duke, former NC State OL Joe Sculthorpe has signed a developmental deal with WWE. This means he'll train with their coaches on the physical and theatrical challenges of becoming a successful pro-wrestler and will hopefully get a chance to introduce his character on TV somewhere down the road. With his fight and reliability in the trenches here, he seems ready made to have an impact in this kind of industry. Just don't get used to his name being his name (as cool as Sculthorpe already sounds) that company has a tendency want their own branding no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Good luck and #Go Pack to Joe!

Thomas Allen is moving on, too


Allen was honored on Senior Day, so his departure was not unexpected.