Pack 9 Pound ECU


The old six pitcher shutout. Someone, quick, dig into the annals of Wolfpack history and figure out when was the last time that happened.

Highlights: NC State 66, Clemson 61


Still hard to fathom that Clemson FG drought.

Love you, Roy


Carlos Rodon starting for White Sox on Friday


An injury to Sox ace Chris Sale opened up an early opportunity for Rodon to get into the mix.

NC State men's swimming wins the 2015 ACC championship

It wasn't particularly close. State closed out strong on Saturday.

Several football players will miss spring practice because of injury


Nothing to be alarmed about since all are expected back for fall camp. (This site, by the way, was recently established by the athletics department to provide updates during the spring.)

Pack getting new uniforms for March


Per the Pack's official twitter account, State will be getting the cummerbund style uniforms that Louisville debuted this season. The white ones are growing on me, but those red ones are terrible. What does everyone else think? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

BAH GAWD! Jim Ross calls the Pack's win over UNC in Chapel Hill


Enjoy everyone! (Credit goes to the ACC Digital Network for the video, and to Joe Ovies for the two vines included)

Pack 9 Get Well Against A&T


Throwing strikes fellas. All about throwing some strikes. And Preston Palmeiro is OPSing 1.376 through 6 games. Hard to do that in batting practice.

Pack's win was just its seventh at UNC in the last 40 years


Didn't realize the futility extended to quite this level.