Highlights: Cat Barber scores 38 in NC State's win over Wake Forest


Barber gets a career high 38, and it came at a pretty good time.

Cat Barber's hand is bruised, but he'll be fine


Good news! Also good timing to have this entire week off.

Video: Wolfpack track star jumps very long way


The slo-mo is what really makes this video. He almost jumped for a dang first down, which is something you can't fully appreciate in real time. I mean, if I walk that far I'm tired and need a break. How does a person jump that far without the benefit of being on the moon?

Video: Dennis Smith Jr. working out with J. Cole


Looks like DSJ's recovery is going well. And hey, there's J. Cole! Doing a whole lot better in this drill than I would. (DSJ and J. Cole both have roots in Fayetteville, if you were wondering about the connection.)

Louisville self-imposing postseason ban, per report


The kids get thrown under the bus, but Rick Pitino will still get paid, of course.

NC State baseball TV schedule released


Not much on television, as usual (THAT is why we need an ACC Network, dangit), but a good chunk of games will be available on ESPN3.

T.J. Warren suffers season-ending foot injury


The universe is a stupid and dumb idiot place.

NC State's spring football game set for April 9


woooo football stuff

NC State moves William & Mary football game to Thursday, Sept. 1


NC State officials are trying to accommodate fans' Labor Day weekend travel plans by moving the game from Saturday to Thursday. It's not a perfect solution, but look, y'all, this means we get football sooner.