Chance Shepard is clutch


One pitch can change so much this time of year. NC State was staring at a loss and a near-impossible climb out of the losers' bracket, and then Chance Shepard connected on a two-run shot that delivered the Pack a victory.



i would not be opposed to giving everyone on team wall a standing scholarship offer

Good article on "staff ace" Brown @ NCAA website


Interesting to find something worthwhile there...

Alex Johnson pulls off the fake-injury-turned-wedding-proposal move


This is great. Congrats, Alex!

Kenny Chesney adds NC State to prestigious, exclusive list of favorite sports teams


What an honor this is, everybody. HEY WAIT A MINUTE. These dudes can't even get the hand sign right though. The guy on the right is hookin' 'em, while Chesney is doing the UNC State hand sign. Common mistakes.

Pack loses to FSU in ACC title game, 6-2


Alas, the baseball team fell short of an ACC tournament title once again. I'm sure it'll work out for us one of these years.

Pack nine keeps rolling, crushes UVA


This game was irrelevant to the outcome of the ACC tournament but the rule is, when you're on a roll, you don't stop cookin', and you mix as many metaphors as possible.

Highlights! Preston Palmeiro's magic topples Miami


Second angle makes it clear that Miami's catcher had the tag on Palmeiro in time, but, y'know, you need the ball for that to matter. What a finish.

UNC Finally got its NOA


Since their lawyers will spend the next 60 days having a redactin' party, lets all use this time to foster baseless speculation as to the contents.

Nice Feature on Brian Brown


I think they might undersell his velo a little. I've seen him in the 88-90 range if the stadium gun was correct. Regardless of his raw stuff, kid is a stud. Could see him being a Jamie Moyer or Tom Glavine type at the next level.