Julius Randle's final schools- Texas, Kansas, Baylor, UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Florida, NC State,...


Julius Randle's final schools- Texas, Kansas, Baylor, UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Florida, NC State, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Five-star 2013 PF Julius Randle has narrowed his list to 10 schools

Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship?


HWSNBN is in need of some assistance out in the desert.

Vols Depth Chart Released, Da'Rick Ain't On It


Rogers, UT's leading receiver from last year, will apparently miss the State game, if not the season. He must have done something pretty awful to get this treatment after QB Tyler Bray got a pass for all of his offseason misdeeds. Game planning just got a bit easier for the defense. If David Amerson can shut down Justin Hunter, how will UT move the ball?

Chief Must Turn Over Phone Records


Will this, coupled with the ongoing academic saga, lead to more penalties for UNC?

What Rodney Purvis Means to N.C. State


The ACC has been looking for a team the past 2-3 years to rise up and consistently challenge the heavyweights to increase their visibility nationally, and while Florida State won the ACC Championship last year, N.C. State has more staying power due to recruiting visibility, location and history in the basketball program. Purvis could be the final piece to the puzzle that pushes the Wolfpack over the top. The eligibility of Rodney Purvis would help not just the Wolfpack, but the ACC as a whole, and as a rabid ACC fan I hope that the NCAA finds him eligible to play as soon as possible. I expect the NCAA to rule him eligible and this should be a great boost to the ACC nationally.

Mr. Kane is Still Hot on the Trail


Maybe after the NCAA frees Rodney, they can return their focus on the real problem.

Dez Wells Expelled


Sometimes you look back and you're kind of glad you missed on a recruit. I wonder what this breach of the conduct code turns out to be.