Highlights! Preston Palmeiro's magic topples Miami


Second angle makes it clear that Miami's catcher had the tag on Palmeiro in time, but, y'know, you need the ball for that to matter. What a finish.

UNC Finally got its NOA


Since their lawyers will spend the next 60 days having a redactin' party, lets all use this time to foster baseless speculation as to the contents.

Nice Feature on Brian Brown


I think they might undersell his velo a little. I've seen him in the 88-90 range if the stadium gun was correct. Regardless of his raw stuff, kid is a stud. Could see him being a Jamie Moyer or Tom Glavine type at the next level.

Former Notre Dame QB Everett Golson transfers to Florida State


So much for the QB spot being a potential weakness for the Seminoles this fall. Golson can be turnover-prone but should be one of the ACC's top signal-callers.

Julius Hodge named Director of Player Development at Buffalo


Congrats to Jules on his first coaching gig. We'll see him when he's ready to take over NC State in, oh, let's say, 15 years? After a successful stint as head coach somewhere? Sound good to everybody?

Recommendations for avoiding "Omega's Grammar Corner"


More specifically in this case, how to avoid being mocked for sounding like a teenager, or being accused of "that word not meaning what you think it means"...

NC State sophomore OL Tylar Reagan transferring


Reagan redshirted in 2013 and did not play in 2014. All the best to him and his family.

Dennis Smith and Bam Adebayo play VERY well together


They also seem to enjoy defense and run the break sooo yea... Santa get on that for next year.

Kyle Washington considering 10 schools, including Kansas and Iowa State


Not surprising in the least that he's gotten this sort of attention. Also not surprising there's several teams on the list who've played against State in recent years.