Former NC State QB Erik Kramer hospitalized after apparent suicide attempt


Kramer's former wife, Marshawn Kramer, told NBC News Wednesday night that it was a suicide attempt, and said Kramer suffered years of depression that she believes was the result of his time in the NFL.

Kramer reportedly shot himself, but the wound was not life-threatening, according to police. I know firsthand how incredibly difficult depression can be, but fortunately I got the help I needed. I can only hope that Kramer does as well.

Maverick Rowan on eschewing hometown Pitt for NC State


"Pitt wasn't the greatest fit for me; N.C. State was," Rowan said. "Sometimes, I don't think I would have fit well in Jamie Dixon's offense, the system he runs. I can go to N.C. State and play the wing spot, win some games and, hopefully, a national championship."

Good stuff on Rowan, the one-time Pitt commitment. (h/t @rwwilmington)

Terry Henderson ready to start his NC State career


''Anything I can do to help this team, then that's what I'm going to do,'' Henderson said. ''If it has to be scoring, I'm going to score. If it has to be playing defense on somebody else, I'm going to do it. I'm just here to win and give the fans something to cheer about.''

Aaron Beard of the AP checks in on Terry Henderson.

Trevor Lacey works out for the Charlotte Hornets


"I know I'm an underdog," Lacey said. "I know I'm a guy that's getting overlooked. At the end of the day, whether you have hype behind your name or not, you still have to perform and that's all I've been doing."

More remarks in this article about his choice to go pro, too.

UNC receives notice of allegations from NCAA


The most damaging of the specific allegations is providing impermissible academic benefits to athletes from 2002 until 2011 and for what the NCAA refers to as a "lack of institutional control."

No tellin' what the punishment ultimately will be for this mess.

Trevor Lacey Q&A, part 2


For me, I think the biggest thing is Caleb Martin will be much better next year. I think he can have a great year. He's 6'7 and can score the ball. As a freshman you're not really getting major minutes, and we didn't run any of the offense through him, but that can happen more next year.

In case you missed this last week.

Shad Thornton on ACC title: 'We want to speak it into existence'


"We want to win an ACC Championship," the back stated. "We want to speak it into existence, but more importantly, we just want to come together as a good group of guys and win more games than we did last year."

Wait a minute, is that a thing you can do? "Speak it into existence"? AND TO THINK WE'VE SPENT ALL THIS TIME NOT DOING THAT. Dangit.

Two days that helped define Cat Barber's season


"That's the motivation," said teammate Desmond Lee. "I think that's what [Cat's] doing – his friend being gone, him being a dad – that's all motivation."

Good piece on Cat Barber from USA Today

The iso king


With access to 23 of Lacey’s 26 games, Synergy credits him with 48-of-84 shooting (57.1 percent) and 130 points on 99 iso possessions. His points-per-possession figure of 1.313 is significantly higher than the 1.224 from second-place Tyler Harvey, who has had only 49 of those possessions for Eastern Washington.

Good stuff here on Trevor Lacey from Bret Strelow.

NC State Womens basketball A"MAIZE"ingly cold for the season......


True fan here since 2001. We have some tough teams to play ahead and to be honest it looks like a repeated lost ahead. We need help on the inside and a 6'5" player that was recruited 16 best post player in its class by ESPN doesn't need to be on the bench, obviously she has talent. Your thoughts?