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Danny Canela, NC State 'Just Kind Of Parted Ways'


Danny Canela is no longer a member of NC State's baseball team, depriving the club of a solid bat if not so much a useful defensive player. It's problematic in that it leaves the team with less depth at catcher, and it takes a hitter with good power out of the lineup. Canela probably wasn't going to be a regular behind the plate--that figures to be Brett Austin's job--but his presence sure as hell wouldn't have hurt the Pack this season.

"He is a great player, and he served us well, so I wish him well," Avent said. "For three years, he's been a good guy and a good player. At some point this fall, we just kind of parted ways."

"We just kind of parted ways." I have absolutely no idea what that means, but the timing sure is odd given that Canela was going into his senior season. Transfers are plenty common in college baseball, but now Canela is going to spend his final year at an NAIA school? Very strange.

Canela was third on the team in extra base hits last season, and he led the Pack in walks. His isolated power was very good by NC State standards, and the team would have benefited from having him in the lineup this year, whether he was the DH or catcher. Austin hopefully will hit for more power this season, but Canela's departure is a significant loss for State's offense regardless.