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NC State Falls To NCCU In Overtime, 82-72

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Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was, uh, that I um ... one second here, I'm locating the words for the ... computer ... button ... pushing ... in the order what makes ... stuff.

Ah the hell with it. I got nothin'. North Carolina Central was the better team on Wednesday night, and that is not something I could have ever thought possible, but there were going to be setbacks like this for NC State. This was inevitable, a matter of when and by which team, not if.

After a fast start, State was battling from behind for the vast majority of the game, hindered by fouls and some poor shooting. It's tough to win when you shoot about 43% (eFG) while giving your opponent nearly one free throw attempt for every field goal attempt.

We've been extremely fortunate to avoid some out-of-conference upsets in the past, and strange as this game was, a walk-on nearly saved the day. But that shot couldn't change the fact that we were crippled by foul problems at that point--or the fact that Central simply had been better, and five more minutes wouldn't change anything.

Drink hard, everybody. Good night.