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Trea Turner Looks Fine And Andrew Woeck Might Be A Weekend Rotation Candidate

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NC State's baseball team held a scrimmage Tuesday, and Baseball America's Aaron Fitt was on hand to watch the exhibition. I think Trea Turner is fine, you guys.

Fitt likes Andrew Woeck as well. He came exclusively out of the pen last year, but could he factor into the rotation this season?

I asked about the weekend rotation in a scenario where Woeck is the closer, and Fitt believes we're looking at Rodon-Jernigan-Stone at this point.

Trea Turner, good lord, man.

This is some seriously rough math, but that's a 4.8 40, and that includes Turner having to pivot toward first base, nod knowingly, and drop the stupid dead weight otherwise known as the bats the players have to use nowadays. I don't know what it translates to in a straight NFL Combine-style 40-yard dash. Probably a 3.6.