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Ole Miss Holding Ace Bobby Wahl Until Saturday

Ole Miss is going the same route as NC State, holding its best starter until game two:

Mike Mayers (5-5, 2.98 ERA) will start against No. 3 seed William & Mary on Friday, coach Mike Bianco said today.

That allows Bobby Wahl (9-0, 1.99) to start Saturday's game, potentially against No. 1 seed North Carolina State.

A Wahl vs. Carlos Rodon (N.C. State's ace) would be one of the better pitching matchups of the regional round.

Wahl's numbers don't really jump out at you--his K rate is solid but nothing scary, and he's walking more than four batters per nine innings. But check out that incredibly low opponents' batting average on balls in play (BABIP). He's been lucky this year. (This is one reason why fielding independent ERA [FIP] is more useful than ERA.)