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College World Series Tuesday Open Thread


Logan Jernigan is on the bump tonight despite the fact we're up against a soft-hitting UCLA lineup that is heavy on lefties, but I'm not surprised Avent decided to turn to a veteran rather than Brad Stone. I don't agree with the decision, mind you, but I understand it.

UCLA will start Nick Vander Tuig, who has walked 17 guys in 114 innings. That's impressive, but like the rest of the Bruins' staff, he doesn't overpower guys and generate a lot of strikeouts. But there is no question UCLA has the advantage on the mound tonight. NC State has the better offense. We'll see what happens.

LSU and UNC are underway already, and the Heels are out to a lead on this scrub starter the Tigers have in there who somehow has a sub-3 ERA despite a K-rate a hair north of four.

Anyway. NC State and UCLA get underway at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN2.