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Brett Williams' Catch Eases All Pain


We can keep feeling bad for ourselves about yesterday and why wasn't that a home run that was a home run you damn cheater park-- see, I'm doing it again.

Or we can reflect back on Brett Williams' diving catch from earlier this year and let all the trouble wash away. The gif below is a part of SB Nation's annual gif tournament and has a sizeable first-round lead on poor Tomas Vokoun, but another few votes probably wouldn't hurt if you're so inclined.


(click on it for motion)

I've watched that grab a lot and still don't really understand how the whole thing works and that's why it's so amazing. If I tried to duplicate that somersault move I'd end up breaking my neck in numerous places, but Brett Williams just pops up like he had that planned out from the start. Baseball players have a lot of free time out there so maybe he started drawing it up in his head three innings earlier. I mean, his hat didn't even fall off.