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NC State Will Host Rice In Super Regional


A week ago we were lamenting the fact that NC State wasn't awarded a national seed, and today we can celebrate the fact that it didn't matter. Rice defeated Oregon 11-4 on Monday night to win the Eugene Regional, and that means NC State will host the Owls in a three-game series this weekend with Omaha on the line. I wasn't sure that I'd ever get the chance to see this happen at NC State.

All three games will be televised, according to the Pack baseball Twitter account:

You may need to find an excuse to cut out of work early on Friday.

Rice boasts an impressive trio of weekend starters so the Owls probably don't have too many adjustments to make as they prepare for Raleigh. NC State, on the other hand, once again has to figure out how it wants to piece together a rotation outside of Carlos Rodon. I'd imagine Rodon will pitch Saturday's game, because he is in a groove and that keeps him on his regular schedule. Does Ethan Ogburn get another game one start? Does Brad Stone move up?