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Super Regional Saturday Open Thread

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Startin' to get real now. Two teams can punch tickets to Omaha today, and NC State is hours away from maybe the most important game it has played in decades. South Carolina and UNC are underway already on ESPN, and the Indiana-Florida State matchup is in progress on ESPNU.

Here's the rest of the day's schedule:

MIssissippi State vs. Virginia (1 p.m. ET, ESPN2)

Louisville vs. Vanderbilt (3 p.m. ET, ESPN)

Rice vs. NC State (4 p.m., ESPN2)

Kansas State vs. Oregon State (7 p.m., ESPNU)

Oklahoma vs. LSU (7 p.m., ESPN2; LSU leads series 1-0)

UCLA vs. Fullerton (10 p.m., ESPN2; UCLA leads series 1-0)