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Super Regional Sunday Open Thread


LSU and UCLA are through to Omaha, leaving six super regionals still to be decided. The field for the College World Series could be set after today, but with so many host schools down 1-0, we'll most likely see some series pushed to three games.

The schedule:

South Carolina vs. UNC (1 p.m. ET, ESPN; UNC leads 1-0)
Indiana vs. Florida State (1 p.m., ESPNU; Indiana leads 1-0)

Louisville vs. Vanderbilt (4 p.m., ESPN; Louisville leads 1-0)
Rice vs. NC State (4 p.m., ESPNU; NCSU leads 1-0)

Mississippi State vs. Virginia (7 p.m., ESPN2/ESPNU; MSU leads 1-0)
Kansas State vs. Oregon State (10 p.m., ESPN2/ESPNU; KSU leads 1-0)