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Elliott Avent's Five-Year Extension Is Official


A couple weeks back, reports surfaced about a five-year extension for Elliott Avent, and now that deal is official. Joe Giglio has the details of the contract, which boosts Avent's guaranteed salary to $473,000. Much like Mark Gottfried's deal, there are a lot of bonuses in play, including automatic one- and two-year extensions for reaching certain milestones in 2014.

A return to the College World Series would be worth $30,000. A runner-up finish in Omaha, Neb., would be worth $65,000 and a national title $90,000. Avent also will receive a $10,000 bonus for winning the ACC regular season and $15,000 for winning the ACC tournament.

The bonuses would push his salary north of $700k if he hit them all. This is definitely a competitive salary, regardless of the bonuses, which is obviously key for avoiding potential poachers. (I don't think we seriously have to be concerned about that given Avent's long history here, but still.) I couldn't find anything on the ACC, but his base salary is above average by SEC standards, which is impressive. And well deserved.

From NC State's release:

"Two of the greatest loves of my life have always been baseball and NC State, and I am excited about the future of both," said Avent. "I would like to thank Chancellor Woodson, Dr. Yow and the Board of Trustees for showing confidence in me to continue to lead this program."