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Elliott Avent Reportedly Receives Five-Year Contract Extension


According to WRAL's Jeff Gravley, Elliott Avent has been rewarded for his College World Series trip with a multi-year contract extension (and, presumably, a raise).

This was a high priority for Debbie Yow, who already showed added investment in the baseball program by green-lighting a batter's eye for Doak Field, which is done and ready for next season. Avent was a rumored target of Auburn's during the offseason--and not for the first time--so it was especially important to get him locked into a new deal.

Avent has been one of the most consistent coaches on campus, delivering numerous NCAA tournament appearances and several Super Regional trips. His team was a game away from Omaha against Georgia a half decade ago, and it finally broke through in 2013. With the core that's coming back, State has a great chance of a repeat appearance.

I don't generally agree with Avent's old-school philosophy, but this is only one part of being a coach at the collegiate level, and there is no denying that he has been a success in virtually every respect. He loves NC State, he's winning, and he needs to be here for as long as we can keep him.