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ACC preseason baseball poll: NC State picked 2nd in Atlantic

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The ACC's coaches picked NC State to finish second behind Florida State in the Atlantic Division this season. The Wolfpack received five first-place votes to nine for FSU; nobody else in the division got a first-place vote. Virginia is the prohibitive favorite in the Coastal, with UNC checking in second.


1. Florida State (9) 93
2. NC State (5) 88
3. Clemson 70
4. Maryland 48
5. Notre Dame 40
6. Wake Forest 36
7. Boston College 17


1. Virginia (12) 96
2. North Carolina (2) 84
3. Miami 66
4. Georgia Tech 57
5. Duke 36
6. Virginia Tech 35
7. Pitt 18

The Wolfpack doesn't get a three-game set with UNC this season--just a lone mid-week game in mid-April that is technically a non-conference game (yay expansion!). It's awesome that they're playing at the DBAP and all, but this mid-week business deprives us of the marquee pitching matchups we've been getting used to. State gets Miami, Georgia Tech, Duke, and Virginia Tech out of the Coastal this year while opening up league play with a series against Notre Dame, a new division matchup that's going to take a long time not to seem strange.