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One last chance for NC State baseball to get going


There are 19 games remaining on the regular season schedule for NC State, and the next 15 are in Raleigh. The Pack's out of time--without a hot streak that begins with a very manageable series against Boston College this weekend, this season is going to go down as a disappointment several orders of magnitude beyond what it already is guaranteed to be. (I should be a motivational speaker.)

Even if State sweeps BC--which must happen--and takes two of three in subsequent home series against Georgia Tech and Wake Forest, it'll still be a game below .500 in league play. There's no margin for error, which is a fact that might mean this team is already mentally toast, especially considering how it went down in flames against Duke last Sunday.

If State is going to piece together something resembling a run at the postseason, I'm not sure anything would help more than getting Carlos Rodon a bunch of runs to open a series. Here I might typically toss in some numbers in re: why this is important, but State has been such a house of horrors on Fridays in ACC play that I can't bear to do it. I have enough nightmares as it is.

In the spirit of Homer Simpson's "if I don't see it, it's not illegal" declaration, I like to avoid looking at things that I know will be alarming and/or depressing (Archie Miller knows what I'm talking about), so I could not even tell you what NC State is hitting in conference games. State's hitting bad. The Pack's hitting real bad--but better lately! Year ain't done, and a salvage job is still possible. God this is madness what am I doing.