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2014 MLB Draft open thread


The 2014 MLB amateur draft is about to get underway (briefly impress/confuse your friends by noting that it's known as the "rule 4 draft"!), and both Carlos Rodon and Trea Turner are going in the first round. I'll probably never have the opportunity to do this sort of thing again, so let's have us an open thread to discuss the developments. (We might need to liveblog the NBA Draft later this month. Haven't figured that out yet.)

Rodon, of course, might well be the No. 1 pick, but Trea Turner's fate is a bit more uncertain. Turner will land in the first round somewhere; Toronto at No. 9 is a popular choice in the various mock drafts compiled by The Wolfpacker, and some of those mocks have him slipping into the teens. That doesn't seem likely to me because the Jays have a lot of smart people in their front office, and if he's there they'll be like "lol duh yeah we'll take him."

Brett Austin is the real question mark. He was a supplemental first rounder out of high school and turned down low seven figures to go to college. He really came on strong toward the end of the 2014 season, but is it enough to get him into the first couple of rounds tonight?