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Carlos Rodon reportedly signing with the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday


Late Wednesday night update: Rodon's getting a $6.45 million bonus, according to CBS Sports' Jon Heyman, which is almost as large as the deal No. 1 pick Brady Aiken had agreed to with Houston ... before Houston discovered Aiken has an elbow injury. Rodon's bonus will most likely end up being the biggest in the draft.


The Wolfpack's Carlos Rodon is one of the last few unsigned players selected in the first round of the 2014 MLB Draft, but according to WRAL's Jeff Gravley, Rodon has finally agreed to terms on a deal with the White Sox and is on his way to Chicago to make it official.

Oh, you best believe Scott Boras will get Rodon a deal above slot. The White Sox can go north of $6 million on Rodon's bonus, and that's what I'd expect to see once the terms are made public.

It'll be a bummer not seeing Rodon in an NC State uniform next season, but good news at least is his reported first minor league stop keeps him local. The Dash are Chicago's advanced-A club, and they play in the same league as the Carolina Mudcats. He'll also be in Charlotte down the line, assuming of course he doesn't eventually skip AAA entirely. (I'd be okay with that happening, though.)