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NC State baseball picked fourth in Atlantic by ACC coaches

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is the fourth-best team in the Atlantic Division in the estimation of the ACC's baseball coaches, and the Wolfpack did not receive any first place votes. Florida State is the preseason pick to win the division, followed by Louisville, Clemson, and the Wolfpack.

Virginia was a near-unanimous pick in the Coastal, with one vote for Miami made by Miami's head coach (probably).

The full preseason poll, courtesy the ACC:

Atlantic Division

1. FSU (7) 91
2. Louisville (4) 84
3. Clemson (3) 77
4. NC State 53
5. Wake Forest 39
6. Notre Dame 25
7. BC 23

Coastal Division

1. Virginia (13) 97
2. UNC 78
3. Miami (1) 75
4. GT 54
5. Duke 43
6. VT 24
7. Pitt 21

The Pack is getting zero preseason attention after a 2014 campaign that saw the team fall short of making the NCAAs despite the presence of Carlos Rodon, Trea Turner, and Brett Austin. They were the core of the Pack's 2013 College World Series team and they were very good in 2014, it's just that there were too many flaws elsewhere on the roster.

Elliott Avent has had a heck of a run as manager despite his share of hiccups, last year included. His teams make the NCAAs regularly, but it seems like there's one whiff every three or four years. The good news is that he's been able to bounce back from these poor seasons and quickly get State back into the postseason.

Let's see if he can do it one more time. The Wolfpack opens its 2015 season against Villanova on Feb. 13.