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Carlos Rodon pitches well in 2015 debut with Charlotte Knights

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Carlos Rodon didn't break camp with the big club; as close as he is to being ready for the majors, there are some things the White Sox want him to refine, like his changeup. Rodon made his first start of the 2015 season with AAA Charlotte on Saturday and didn't disappoint, striking out nine batters in five innings of work.

Rodon wasn't thrilled about his wipeout slider in this start, but that pitch is so good, even on what might supposedly be an off day, he can do this with it:

He got himself in some trouble with a couple of walks that led to a couple of runs, but true to form, he finished his start with a strikeout on a 97-MPH heater in the fifth inning. The only pieces that are missing right now are overall command and consistency with his changeup. Even without those things going for him all the time, he's still pretty good.

In other words--soon, Major League Baseball. Soon.