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Ft. Worth Regional Sunday open thread: TCU vs. Stony Brook, NC State vs. ???

Michael Clements / NCSU athletics

Felt good to put those question marks in the title, man. Felt real good. If you happened to miss the craziness last night, Omega has you covered with the recap and highlights. I have been strutting around everywhere since I woke up this morning. Can't tell me nothin' right now.

But there is still work to be done--NC State can rest easy until the evening, though a re-match with TCU is likely.

To reiterate what is on that graphic, none of the games are on television; they're all getting the ESPN3 treatment. ESPNU and ESPN2 have been running whiparound coverage of the NCAA tournament all weekend, so at least some snippets of the Pack's game will air, it's just there's no tellin' when.

Anyway, here's some more reading material:

-- Aaron Fitt was on hand to watch what he said was the best game of the tournament thus far.
-- The N&O's recap
-- A recap from the TCU side
-- Baseball America on Chance Shepard's heroics

Stay clutch, fellas.