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NC State featured on FOX baseball drama ‘Pitch’

The Pack hit network TV this week.

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FOX’s ‘Pitch’ is the story of fictional pitcher Ginny Baker, the first female player in Major League Baseball history. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that she is from North Carolina, and went to NC State. The Wolfpack got a lengthy bit of exposure during this scene on Thursday night’s episode:

It’s difficult to be certain, but I’m sure we won that College World Series. This is television, I can imagine what I want, bub.

Baker’s character, played by Kylie Bunbury, goes on to become a member of the San Diego Padres.

Elliott Avent should take complete credit for this. NC State made this fictional pitcher what she is today for the Padres, and you’ll never be able to take that away from us. Heck, he might as well lobby for a producer credit on the show, it only seems fair.

There’s always next season, unless it gets cancelled, in which case we’ll have to come together and establish our own baseball drama.