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Carlos Rodon working out the kinks ahead of second year with White Sox

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

We're less than a week from Major League Baseball's opening day, which means the first official regular season Carlos Rodon Day is near. Rodon is trying to build on a successful rookie season that saw him win nine games and post a 3.75 ERA.

This spring, Rodon's been working on his changeup, with mixed results. His first couple of starts were good; his most recent start was terrible. While he's made strides with the fastball-change combo, it's left his slider a bit rusty, which might be the primary reason he got shelled by the Reds.

It's also a good example of why there's little point in reading into spring training statistics. There's no better time to experiment or work on deficiencies in your game, and with that, naturally, there will be setbacks.

Rodon is a little over a week away from his first regular-season start, and with luck, he will have the slider in top form by the time he toes the rubber. The White Sox open the regular season in Oakland on Monday, and Rodon's first start could come as early as Wednesday, but is more likely to be Thursday. In any case: soon, y'all.