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NC State back in position to host a tournament regional

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The baseball team has been cookin', but what does that mean in the grand scheme? NC State has been fantastic since the start of the month, solidifying its position as not only an NCAA tournament team, but a potential regional host as well.

It didn't start this way, but now it's fair to say things are going real good. The Wolfpack ranks sixth in the RPI, and there are countless opportunities down the stretch to improve on that number. The schedule is backloaded, but maybe we shouldn't be worried about that; maybe those other crumbums should be concerned about it.

Those teams on the opposite end, I mean. I've been harping on this team constantly for weeks, and as I have maintained, it is really damned good. This is a very good team. We'll see you in June.

We are only just getting started, okay bub, and let's hope you're ready for what's still to come.