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Elliott Avent bitten by copperhead snake, will miss Louisville series

NC State Athletics Communications

Elliott Avent will not be in Louisville this weekend to manage the NC State baseball team in a very important series for the Wolfpack's national seed hopes. Both Avent and his dog were bitten by a copperhead, and Avent had to spend a night in the hospital. Fortunately both Avent and his pup are okay.


Additional details on the Avent-copperhead encounter have emerged courtesy of the N&O's Joe Giglio. Avent KILLED THE SNAKE WITH AN UMBRELLA AND THEN PUT IT IN A BAG AND TOOK IT WITH HIM TO THE HOSPITAL.

"I've watched too many Western movies, I don't know, that's what I thought I was supposed to do," Avent said. "I brought the snake in a bag into the hospital and they were like, ‘Get that thing out of here.' "

Stunned by sticks, then killed by an umbrella, then it receives an unnecessary funeral procession to the hospital.


This is definitely a new one in the random-setback-out-of-thin-air category for NC State athletics. But I imagine we won't see much different from the team this weekend, assuming associate coach Chris Hart is the guy stepping briefly into Avent's shoes.

I don't wish to speculate too much, but this incident could be the result of insufficient anti-snake training on Avent's part. I have absolutely no doubt that he will rectify this just as soon as he is healthy enough to do so. In fact, this should serve as a good reminder to us all.