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ACC baseball tourney open thread, Day 3: NC State vs. Miami

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Ah the whims of this tournament format. NC State has played only one game but already knows it cannot reach the ACC title game. Florida State improved to 2-0 earlier Thursday, and with a head-to-head win in hand, it would win a tiebreaker with the Pack if both finished 2-1. Alas.

NC State still needs to win these next two nights to breathe some life into its regiional hosting chances, which have been crumbling of late. The Pack is 2-5 since Elliott Avent got bit by that dang snake. Coincidence? Clearly not.

The Wolfpack and Hurricanes get underway at 7 p.m. ET this evening, with television coverage by the various Fox Sportses. It appears NC State is going with a committee approach to pitching this game, which does not bode especially well for the team's chances of pulling the upset, but we will see.