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Raleigh Regional Day 2 schedule and open thread: Navy vs. St. Mary's, NC State vs Coastal Carolina

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NC State Athletics Communications

It was all chalk on the first day of the regional, and NC State would be just fine if that were the case Saturday as well. We have the first elimination game of the tournament, between No. 3 St. Mary's and No. 4 Navy, which opens the day's slate at 2 p.m. ET. The winner's bracket game starts at 7 p.m. ET.

Obviously that game is extremely important, since moving to 2-0 puts you in control in this double-elimination format. Whoever loses tonight would need to win twice on Sunday and then again on Monday, and that's a tall task. NC State's done that before, but how about we go ahead and not have to repeat that path to a regional win?

As was the case Friday, Saturday's games will air on ESPN3.

Saturday, June 4

2 p.m. Game - St. Mary's vs. Navy (Game #3)

7 p.m. Game - NC State vs. Coastal Carolina (Game #4)