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NC State-Coastal Carolina game suspended until Sunday afternoon

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Dean Purcell/Getty Images

Now here's an odd set of circumstances. NC State trails Coastal Carolina 3-0 in the ninth inning in the winner's bracket game, but yet another late rain delay forced the end of the game to be delayed until Sunday. State and CCU will resume at 12:30 p.m. ET on Sunday.

And there will be only two games played Sunday, because of weather concerns. Or rather, like 1-1/9th games will be played. The winner of the State/CCU game will be off the rest of the day, and the loser will face Navy in an elimination game later that afternoon. Those are the only games on the schedule.

So: the winner of State/CCU is through to Monday. The loser of the State/CCU game plays an elimination game against Navy on Sunday following the conclusion of State/CCU. The winner of that elimination game has to take a double-header on Monday to advance to the Super Regionals.

You have to take five games to get out of the loser's bracket, regardless of circumstances, but this would be one really weird way to do it. I, for one, think this is working out just swell.