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ACC tournament schedule shuffled after weather delays; NC State-UNC game time unchanged

For now, anyway.

Texas Rangers v. New York Yankees Photo by Jason Szenes/Getty Images

Weather has highlighted nicely the absurdity of the current ACC baseball tournament format, forcing the postponement of two completely meaningless games on Wednesday.

The UNC-BC and Wake-GT games were rained out, and while neither game will have any bearing on the outcomes within their respective pools, the ACC stubbornly is insisting they be played.

So now four games will be played both today and Friday, with one game on each day moved to Louisville’s home field. (The tournament is being held at the city’s minor league park.)

NC State-UNC is still on for 7 p.m. ET Friday night—barring any additional delays, of course. That game is also still scheduled to mean something.

The weather actually did us a solid here, honestly, since it erased UNC’s off day. The Tar Heels were not supposed to have a game Thursday, but they’ll be playing first thing against BC thanks to the rain yesterday. It probably matters little since they can throw out a lineup of whatever bench players they want with no consequence (this game doesn’t have any bearing on who wins the pool, remember), but hey, it can’t hurt.