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2017 MLB Draft: Eight NC State players taken

Who stays and who goes?

Chicago White Sox v Colorado Rockies Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The three-day, 40-round ordeal that is the Major League Baseball Draft is over, and as the dust settles, there is some roster uncertainty for NC State in the near term. Eight Wolfpack players were drafted, all of whom have eligibility remaining.

Joe Dunand is certainly gone, and I’d imagine odds are decent that Evan Mendoza, Josh McLain and Andy Cosgrove sign as well. Brock Deatherage, who went in the 29th round, says he’ll likely return to State. Other than that, who knows.

The full list of Wolfpack draftees:

Rd. 2 (No. 51 overall) — Joe Dunand (JR), Miami Marlins
Rd. 11 (334) — Evan Mendoza (JR), St. Louis Cardinals
Rd. 14 (430) — Josh McLain (JR), LA Dodgers
Rd. 17 (496) — Andy Cosgrove (JR), Minnesota Twins
Rd. 26 (792) — Tommy DeJuneas (JR), Cleveland Indians
Rd. 29 (868) — Brock Deatherage (JR), Pittsburgh Pirates
Rd. 30 (894) — Cody Beckman (RS-JR), Milwaukee Brewers
Rd. 34 (1028) — Tim Naughton (RS-SO), Baltimore Orioles

State also had a trio of recruits drafted, and at least one plans on going to college.