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Hello and welcome to Brett Kinneman season

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve been pondering it for some time, albeit without commitment, but that is okay. Should I emotionally invest in the baseball team this year? This year, this time is the time. I say this every year, but especially this year, because I don’t think you should miss what Brett Kinneman is doing.

Good luck in trying to figure out where this lands:

That is Kinneman’s 12th home run in 24 games this season—which is an average of one home run for every two games played, which is a very good average, if you were wondering. If this were the majors, he’d be on pace for 81 homers this season, but it’s not the majors and he’s not going to hit that many home runs (probably).

After its come-from-behind win on Sunday afternoon, State is 20-4 overall and 7-2 in league play, which puts it in first place in the Atlantic. These guys are a lot of fun so come on and get in on this party before it’s cool.