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It’s time for hate week(s), college baseball-style

Who knew it was going to be this intense?

NC State Athletics

Funny thing how timing and expectations and results end up together: NC State plays eight games in the next two weeks against a trio of North Carolina teams that are ranked in the top 20. State plays four games against UNC, plays three against Duke, and one against ECU. This is the best year for North Carolina college baseball in who knows how long, ‘specially since Duke does not typically have a pulse.

But Duke is very good this year, and NC State has exceeded expectations and can club pitchers to death, and UNC appears to be rounding into form, and ECU is a couple years removed from the Supers. These are all top-20 teams, and NC State will have its shot at every one over the next couple weeks, and while probably this wasn’t drawn up on purpose, it’s great how it worked out.

This is going to be something. We’ll see you Tuesday night.