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NC State rolls past Duke in series opener, 9-2

Hey. Hey, yes, you: are you paying attention now? Pay attention. NC State is 30-7 and just clubbed the crap out of Duke on Friday night, and State is now 14-5 in league play. This team is so good, it can let you have a casual Friday without alerting you to how good it is.

What’s disarming about this team is its ability to just kinda do a lot of things well and slowly pick away at the resolve of the other team. NC State scored four on Duke like it was nothing, and the contest proceeded as such, Duke knowing the whole while that it was dead.

It’s a fascinating thing, when you have a group that is so deep that it destroys the mental capacity of the other guys. And man is this NC State team good. The Wolfpack finished with 15 hits on Friday night. There are two games remaining in this series.