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NC State is the No. 13 overall seed in latest NCAA baseball tournament projections

Work to be done still.

NC State Athletics

NC State has won five games in a row, but all of those wins have been against ranked below 150 in the RPI. The result is pretty much no result: little has changed since the Wolfpack got swept at home by UNC a couple weekends back.

The Wolfpack is still projected to host a regional in the NCAA tournament by both D1 and Baseball America, but its case for a top-eight seed (and thus hosting rights for the Supers) is more iffy than I thought. The knock against NC State is its non-conference strength of schedule (sounds familiar), which ranks 194th per That is the second-worst non-conference SOS among teams in the RPI top-30.

Maybe re-scheduling that ECU game would have been a good idea after all.

State is still well-positioned, make no mistake: it remains in the RPI top-20 even after five straight against cupcakes, and if it wins its final two league series (Wake, at FSU), getting back into the top eight is likely. The road trip to FSU is setting up as crucial—both Baseball America and have the Seminoles as the No. 10 overall seed. Add a series win there to State’s sweep at Clemson and the Pack’s case gets a whole lot stronger.