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Minor league hitter pops out off of Carlos Rodon’s head

Rodon was fine, which is only one amazing aspect of this play.

Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Carlos Rodon hasn’t had a lot of good luck lately. He had surgery on his left shoulder in September, which has kept him out of action with the Chicago White Sox this entire season. And then on Thursday he got hit in the forehead with a line drive during a rehab start with triple-A Charlotte.

Amazingly, he hopped right up and appeared no worse for the incident. He even wanted to keep pitching. Charlotte removed him from the game as a precaution, and rightfully so, since doing otherwise would have gotten every coach on that team launched into the sun.

And so it is with all this prefacing—that Carlos is fine, and hopefully will be back in the majors soon despite this incident—that I note that THIS DUDE FROM THE NORFOLK TIDES POPPED OUT OFF OF CARLOS RODON’S HEAD.

That’s amazing. Baseball is amazing. Carlos Rodon was not only fine, but his head turned a sure single up the middle into a pop out beyond third base. Your standard 1-5 putout. Pitchers are getting craftier all the time, man.