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NC State flops out of ACC tournament 0-2, awaits its NCAA tournament fate

I dunno, the last picture didn’t help, but maybe this one will?

North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

NC State ran up against some outstanding pitching this week, and things didn’t work out. Them’s the breaks. Florida State got to Brian Brown early on Friday, and State’s offense never really got going, and so it is that the Wolfpack are done for the weekend.

State spent the first two months of this season building an excellent case for hosting, but it spent the last month trying to dispel it, so what happens now is anybody’s guess. I suspect that when it’s said and done NC State will be a regional host, but that’s just a guess. I’m guessin’ now.

It’s unfortunate that this is where we are, but so it goes. Sports rarely align to our preferences, and while this Wolfpack is the same Wolfpack that we all know is very good, things happen elsewhere and few of those thing have been good. NC State could have buttressed its case this week but instead went o-fer. Nobody gets to complain if we find out this team is traveling next week.

Man, I gotta quit baseball. It’s too stressful.