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NC State left fielder Brett Kinneman signs with Pittsburgh Pirates

So long and good luck, son.

St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Brett Kinneman will not be back in an NC State uniform next season—not that there was ever any doubt about this. Kinneman was the Pirates’ seventh round pick, which meant he got a nice chunk of change. Over $215,000, in fact.

It would have been difficult to improve on that by coming back, and it’s probably more likely that Kinneman would have lost money by returning as a senior and losing all of his leverage against whichever club drafted him.

He’ll be missed around these parts, but you certainly can’t fault him for cashing in on a breakthrough season. If he can get some things about his approach at the plate sorted out in the minors, he’s got enough power to move up the ladder.