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NC State working on contract extension for Elliott Avent

Avent’s current deal expires after the 2019 season.

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Preliminary contract discussions between NC State and head baseball coach Elliott Avent are underway, athletics director Debbie Yow confirmed on Tuesday afternoon. Avent’s current deal expires after the 2019 season, so yeah, I’d say it’s about time to get working on an extension.

And he’s earned one, despite the sour ending to this past season. Still I’m sure this will be a polarizing decision within certain parts of the fan base because, yes, it’s true, kids, Avent hasn’t won an ACC title in 22 years at NC State.

The program is on steady footing right now and Avent has consistently delivered NCAA-caliber teams throughout his tenure despite the disadvantages that he has to deal with in terms of facilities and support elsewhere. He’s done a good job all of that considered and has earned the vote of confidence.

Hopefully he can pay off this next deal with one of those title thingies.