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NC State announces 2-year contract extension for Elliott Avent

NC State Athletics Communications

Elliott Avent has a contract extension, though it ain’t a long one, which is a bit puzzling to me. Avent’s current deal was set to expire following the 2019 season, but he’s now under contract through 2021.

You could interpret the new deal as an open show of disrespect after Avent’s NC State squad finished with a record year in league play, but on the other hand, his NC State team once again fell short of winning a league title, which is the albatross that lives on his shoulders, fair or not.

Avent’s built a program that is regularly good enough to make a breakthrough, but one that is also regularly defined by heartbreak. So I don’t know how you couch that process and those results, exactly. I suppose it depends on your opinion of the man. I’m glad he’ll be around at least two more years, and I’m sure there are plenty of folks who are happy this deal isn’t longer.