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NC State rolls to 11-0 win over Carolina

NC State Athletics Communications

Like Dave said on Friday, these dudes are mad, oh and also they remember getting swept at home by the Tar Heels last year. So they’ve spent the last couple games working through all of that shit, and hopefully they’re still mad despite blowing out UNC twice.

State won 11-2 on Friday and took there series with an 11-0 win on Saturday evening. If not for a heroic effort by UNC freshman Aaron Sabato, who hit for the cycle Thursday, this might have been a clean sweep.

But this was well-earned regardless, and maybe it earned NC State a hosting spot in the NCAA tournament. The UNC series was absolutely an elimination weekend as far as that goes, and State delivered. That just makes the whole weekend a little extra fun.

When the middle of State’s batting order is working, then the rest tends to take care of itself. Will Wilson, Patrick Bailey, and Evan Edwards accounted for six hits and four ribbies on Saturday, in addition to Wilson’s three walks. UNC couldn’t solve those guys and the Heels paid for it.

I found it enjoyable, personally, just the way this entire weekend played out. On to the conference tournament.