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Highlights! NC State exorcises the Demon Deacons

NC State Athletics Communications

I’m not too big of a huge, immensely-vaguely known sports blogger to admit that I fell asleep last night assuming that NC State was going to lose that game. I gave up, it is true. I’m not proud of it. I forgot that baseball can give us some truly great comebacks, and NC State provided on Thursday.

The game’s first star goes to Terrell Tatum, who could have assumed defeat on that chopper to second, but instead busted it down the line and won the game as a result. The Wolfpack scored not once but twice off of that hustle.

For once everything is working out great this month, and we can relax on Friday night, though it wouldn’t hurt to win that game for NCAA tournament hosting purposes. I think that’s a done deal now, though.

NC State gets the winner of Georgia Tech-Duke in the semifinals on Friday. Those two play at (checks watch) right now o’clock.